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4-spindle Pogo style
Our line of nutrunners come in a variety of configurations to meet all your manufacturing needs:

We produce our own torque transducers that have been designed for full compensation for tempature and isolation to ensure accuracy.
We manufacture our own spindles and can produce a drive that will meet any specification that you require. We also have a quick-change socket option for our square drives. We utilize Baldor motors and Seib and Meyer controllers in our nutrunners. We also employ a variety of gearboxes depending on the needs of the application and even manufacture our own line of quality gearboxes. So we are sure to have a gearbox that can meet your needs.

5-spindle nutrunner
Six Sigma has been one of the industry leaders in torquing applications since 1985. Our devices have been proven time and time again. Our tools have become known for their robustness, power, and repeatability. Our team of engineers has spent countless hours perfecting the designs of our line of gearbox, spindles, and transducers. Call today for a quote.

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