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Five Spindle Nutrunner

When it comes to torque applications, Six Sigma has all the bases covered. Our expansive line of spindles, transducers, and gearboxes can be configured to accommodate any product.
We have also developed numerous methods of presenting the tool to the product that can be tailored to meet you specifications.

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Bearing Preload Press

This is just one of the styles of bearing preload machines that we offer. This particular model is exceptional in that it is capable of a repeatability of .006" standard deviation. The device was designed to measure the rolling drag of a tapered roller bearing and select the proper shim for the assembly.

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Laser-Cut-Hole Checking Poka-Yoke

Hole Checking Poke A Yoke

Designed to detect whether the proper holes are present as well as remove any left over slugs that are present (within force limitations of the specified cylinders). It is also capable of checking the minimum size of the holes and the diametric location of the variable measured holes.
FULLY UPGRADEABLE Make your hole location changes with a minimum of downtime.

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